Contemporary accident reporting & analysis software

The Erudita software is a major step forward from reliance
on a paper accident book or basic spreadsheet to capture and utilise your
key accident data and enhance your H&S commitment.

H&S compliance

Meet Health & Safety compliance needs with a digital accident system.

Key accident data

Online dashboard of key data for instant review and location comparison.

HSE categories

Designed in line with standard HSE classifications for accurate reporting.

Multi-location analysis

Compare across sites or departments for insight into accident trends.

Secure cloud-based

Retain important accident data securely. Works on any connected device.

Formatted accident form

Consistency of data input and analysis using a standard accident form.

The ease of use you need for fast, effective accident data capture & interrogation

A seamless process from easy data input to meaningful reporting.

Highly visual reporting
dashboard of data

The Erudita reporting dashboard provides visual insight into the levels, types and scale of accidents within your organisation.

Enter accident data,
quickly & easily

Working with Health & Safety experts we have created a standard data capture form to fit the needs of accident reporting to the Health & Safety Executive.

Search records to quickly
find incidents

Every incident is listed with a unique ID to manage Open / Closed accidents and access all incidents you have added to the system over time, using our fast & effective Browse function.

Managing health & safety issues using meaningful data

Health & safety is core to every organisation and the Erudita software meets the primary accident reporting needs of businesses, academies and schools. Using pre-defined HSE/RIDDOR categories ensures that your H&S decision making is based on meaningful data.

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